Last year was a wild ride from start to finish. As many of us had our lives disrupted and watched our plans for the year fall apart. While we wait to see what this year brings, we must move forward with optimism and hope.

Our team is thankful to everyone who supported us over the last year. We accomplished some great work in the face of adversity. Our projects ranged from new stormwater capture systems that improve the quality of our rivers, to compost that eliminates methane that would be generated from food waste, and renewable energy systems that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We look forward to bringing this work to you in 2021.


Stormwater can be captured and reused for irrigation, cleaning, and other purposes

Rain is our most important resource but it becomes a liability when not managed correctly. From leaky basements to soil erosion and sewer overflows, unmitigated stormwater causes a wide range of problems. Our team specializes in design and implementation of stormwater capture systems like rain barrels, cisterns, and rain gardens. We work alongside construction teams to ensure seamless designs that capture and reuse stormwater. Start with our green infrastructure assessment to learn how your home or office can make the best use of this valuable resource.

Soil Health

Bags of Dirt Nerd Compost and DECO Dirt soil blends

From potential contaminants to agricultural productivity, our team of environmental scientists ensure that your land is safe and healthy. Many urban environments pose risk to home owners and residents from years of pollution. Common metals like arsenic and lead are found in garden soil at dangerous levels. We can easily identify and remediate soil to make it safe for your family. Gardeners and growers often look for nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in their fields. We can reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides through regenerative agriculture. Using sustainable practices, our resources help you to improve productivity through biology. 

Renewable Energy

Derek and John install solar at the Hilltop Urban Farm

Solar power is the future of sustainable electricity. Paired with wireless data, our off-grid solar systems provide power where you need it. Connect your systems remotely to monitor performance in real-time and automate agriculture equipment like pumps and lights. We specialize in affordable, small-scale units that deliver reliable energy where you need it. 

Contact us to learn how our solutions can prepare you for whatever tomorrow brings. Sustainability is resilience for our environment, economy, and society. DECO is design – engineering – construction – operations for a sustainable world.