Since February, DECO has been meeting with local business leaders in an effort to learn what companies are doing to be green and to see what obstacles they are facing. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive strategy that improves the environmental footprint from running a business. This week, we are excited to announce Version 1.0 of the Netgreen Sustainable Strategy. Designed for local organizations, the Strategy offers specific actions that would benefit each business. Some companies already have greener goals while others are ready to start forging a path to sustainability but not sure where to begin. The DECO consulting team is helping businesses craft a strategy to meet the needs of their business.

Creating A Strategy That Works

The Netgreen Sustainable Strategy starts with a list of more than 80 greener actions that are proven to advance sustainable operations in the workplace. This list was adapted from Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge. Developed by leading industry experts and field-tested by businesses in Pittsburgh, the Green Workplace Challenge actions represent the most comprehensive list of greener actions that other local businesses are already taking to improve operational sustainability. The purpose of the Netgreen Strategy is to make local businesses aware of these actions and to assist with their implementation.

Anthony at Water Conf Mary at Water Conf

Above: Anthony and Mary at the Water-Energy Nexus Conference at Phipps Conservatory in March of this year.

For $80.00, a representative of the DECO Green Team will go to the workplace and explain how specific items from the list might be used. Strategy 1.0 contains over 80 greener actions. The DECO representative will help each company narrow to between five and ten actions that would best fit their organizational needs and write a brief explanation of how these items could be implemented.

If you know a company that should be recognized as a greener business or think they could benefit from the Netgreen Strategy, we are currently accepting nominations for Netgreen membership. Please follow the link and tell us why this company should be included.

Greener Goals

We see Corporate Sustainability as the ability of a company to continue to grow and prosper within an economy with limited resources without negatively impacting the local community or environment. The goal is to structure business practices around products or services that have a positive impact on the local economy, environment, and community. According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development:

“For the business enterprise, sustainable development means adopting strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.”

 The Bottom Line

We don’t think that going green should have to cost you green. Our goal is to show a net return on your investment. Many of the actions on the list are free and require very little time to implement. Other actions may require a significant investment of time and resources, but the result will either save money going forward or generate increased sales. The Strategy is perfect for any company because the actions are tailored to fit the demands of each business, matching the resources that are available. For more information, please visit our main page at or contact us today.