What is green infrastructure and how might it benefit you? DECO Resources will demonstrate an answer to this question through a short video series following a bicycle tour to highlight some of the regions best examples of stormwater management practices. The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority announced DECO as one of 17 projects to be funded in their first round of grants for green infrastructure in their press release on Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

In addition to working with the Authority on this project, we will partner with local environmental group 3 Rivers Wet Weather, landscape architects Pashek Associates, and Phipps Conservatory’s Center for Sustainable Landscapes. Video production will be managed by Epicast Network, a team specializing in high quality, raw content.


          Rainwater catchment lagoon at Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

The DECO team has been working with Phipps since the opening of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes in 2013. Our role supports the operation of green infrastructure on the Phipps campus, including the rainwater catchment and reuse system, through monitoring of water quality.

ward at garden

         A rainbarrel was installed by DECO for a Southside-based community garden.

This project will help property owners and managers better understand the various types of green infrastructure by exploring real-world examples throughout Pittsburgh. We will interview locals about Best Management Practices to better understand the benefits and potential challenges and set expectations about installation, maintenance, and operations.

We will visit each site by bicycle and develop a tour-route that others will be able to recreate to explore examples of green infrastructure on their own. Our hope is to promote eco-tourism by promoting Pittsburgh’s vast collection of environmentally beneficial stormwater management strategies.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting project.

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