Our living soil is now available! Act now to get this product for your garden.

What is Living Soil? Traditional soil blends are stored in dry heaps that don’t allow for significant microbial life. Living Soil breaks this model by storing the soil under living roots. This means that you’re getting active garden soil that is packed with nutrients and microorganisms.

How to use: This soil is to be blended directly into your garden bed. In a no-till system, this material is perfect to serve as a mulch you can direct seed in or plant transplants. Each of our blends have varying levels of our handmade DirtNerd compost, topsoil, and locally-made PittMoss. Visit pittmoss.com to learn more about this amazing, sustainable alternative to peat moss made from recycled paper.

Finally, take a look at our suggested cover crop seed mixes. These plants can be planted as living pathways or in a fallow bed to increase nitrogen availability, reduce weed pressure, and improve moisture retention.

Our Products:

Super Mario

Composition: 40% compost 40% PittMoss 20% topsoil
5 gallon bag – $25

Level up your plants with this fungi blend of Living Soil. This product was blended and planted with clover under a wood chip mulch to promote mycelial associations. Use with corn, beans, tomatoes, and similar plants.

Pairs with Super Mario Seed Mix:
– hyssop, sunflower, alfalfa, clover
$5 per bag (covers appx 100 sf)

Night Soil

Composition: 30% compost 30% PittMoss 40% topsoil
5 gallon bag – $25

Don’t let the name fool you, this Living Soil isn’t crap. This product was blended and planted with alfalfa under a straw bed to promote beneficial bacteria and nitrogen production. Use with kale, lettuce, beets, and similar plants.

Pairs with Hot Potato Seed Mix:
– flax, borage, parsley, clover
$5 per bag (covers appx 100 sf)

How to order:

Contact us via phone or email to let us know your specific needs. We can help determine what products might best fit your situation. Also, be sure to visit Soil Health to see our other products and services. We accept cash, check, or credit card, payable on delivery.

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