Our team would like to thank everyone who participated in Part 1 of our Green Quiz over the past week. As a warning, Part 2 might be more difficult! Before we get to that, let’s talk about the results from Round 1:

First, this report from KDKA talks about exactly what you can and shouldn’t put into your recycling in Pittsburgh:

Next, to summarize the results from the quiz:

1. Printing paper and ink present the largest recurring cost in most offices, not electricity, water, or internet.
2. You can compost wine corks, corn-based plastics, and eggshells. Magazines should NOT be composted, but they can be recycled.
3. You CAN compost indoors (with the help of worms). This is called vermiculture and it will not smell if done correctly nor does it require complicated equipment. All you need is a storage tote and some worms!

Finally, here is part 2 of the Green Quiz. The topics covered here test how well you know your environment:

Green Quiz Part 2

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