April 2014 Nectarine flowe

The old adage my mother says every April 22nd is that “Every Day is Earth Day.” While that might be true, it is helpful to establish time each year to reflect on the Mother of All Mothers: The Earth. This year, DECO will celebrate by volunteering at Einhorn Media Garden in Southside on Saturday, April 26th. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the fun. This is the fifth year for the urban garden and hopefully it will be the best growing season yet. We are already seeing kale, mixed greens, garlic, mint, strawberries, grapes, and our famous nectarine tree (seen flowering in the photo above).

April 2014 planting

Above: Kyle weeding around the garlic. Below: We decided it was time to take the hoop houses down.

April 2014 garden

As most people would agree, there should be more than 24 hours dedicated to celebrating and giving back to the Earth. Our sponsor, Ambiance Boutique, is asking you to celebrate Earth Day all month by shopping consignment. Second-hand stores offer what the Huffington Post calls Re-Commerce. Consumers have access to a greener alternative to the high fashion industry. If you haven’t previously considered the environmental impact of clothing, the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains that “each step of the clothing production process carries the potential for an environmental impact. For example, conventionally grown cotton, one of the most popular clothing fibers, is also one of the most water- and pesticide-dependent crops.” After the product is ready for market, all clothing made overseas must be shipped to the States before it can be placed on racks. Many of those items will be sent back for alterations if they are not purchased that season. 

Purchasing second-hand clothing at consignment stores like Ambiance boosts the local economy by keeping the bulk of the money spent on items within the community instead of being spent on outsourcing labor and materials. The transportation costs and packaging/shipping materials can also be eliminated, reducing waste,  as a majority of the inventory comes from and stays in the local community.

Giving Back to the Community

Ambiance is fully owned by the non-profit organization Bethlehem Haven, which provides housing and support to women in the Pittsburgh region. Shopping at either of their two locations will help support the mission “to help homeless women find shelter, a warm meal, and hope for the future.” They will also accept the donation of clothing items or new personal hygiene products. Learn more about their greener products on the Greener Pittsburgh page.

Click anywhere on the box above to see a full advertisement for Ambiance Boutique.

Visit any or all of their locations at:
1722 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
428 Allegheny River Boulevard, Oakmont, PA 15139