DECO Resources was founded with a mission to provide environmentally sustainable solutions for businesses and residents. We believe that it is possible for the built environment to enhance, not hurt, the natural world. Our unique green design process starts with environmental analysis of air, soil, and water to assess potential contamination. Next, we engineer solutions that employ best sustainable practices, environmentally friendly materials, and technology to evaluate and monitor the impact.

Here comes the sun

Renewable energy is an important element to green design. One of the most versatile and affordable forms of renewable energy comes from solar panels. Not only has the cost of solar energy reduced significantly over the years, but it is also one of the fastest growing industries. This year, DECO installed 250 Watts of solar, a very modest number. However, this will produce approximate 7.5 kiloWatts over its lifetime that would otherwise come from mostly non-renewables like coal or natural gas. We look forward to installing much more solar in 2017.


DECO’s founder, Anthony Stewart, is an ardent supporter of the solar industry and is starting his second term as an elected officer – Secretary for the Solar Unified Network of Western PA, or SUNWPA. The organization was founded in 2010 to promote clean solar energy in Western Pennsylvania. One of SUNWPA’s annual events, the Winter SolarFest, will be held Wednesday, December 21st from 6-8:30 pm at the Grist House Brewery in Millvale. This fun networking event will give participants the opportunity to meet local solar installers and ask questions about solar for the home or office. Use the following link to register to the event for free: Winter SolarFest.


As the solar industry grows, prices become more competitive. This allows more homes and businesses to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy. Most of the solutions we provide at DECO are small-scale off-grid systems that allow devices like water pumps, WiFi nodes, or environmental sensors to operate remotely. Our goal is to allow new technology to operate independently and without wires. To see this type of DC grid in action, visit our demonstration at the Gardens of Millvale and stop into the Grist House for great drinks and conversation.

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