Real-time Testing

Since 2013, DECO Resources has helped organization across the Pittsburgh region evaluate air, soil, and water quality. Using a combination of laboratory and field tests to assess environmental data, we evaluate risk by identifying hazardous levels of common contaminants. While this data provides an accurate assessment of conditions at the time of collection, it is only a snapshot that leaves uncertainty. Environmental conditions are constantly changing, presenting a challenge in meeting State standards. Additionally, tests performed by a laboratory can take weeks to produce reports. The delay in accessing results leaves tremendous room for error.

In order to deliver instant results on environmental quality changes between field or laboratory analysis, we have developed the Datahub. The Datahub is a solar-powered, watertight computer that delivers real-time testing. The hub pairs with our online toolkit hosted at to provide access to your data. The Datahub can be customized to fit your needs, or choose from one of our standard models:

  • Water Hub – Use grid power and your internet connection to collect data on water.
  • Water Hub Solar – Offers remote data and DC microgrid solar power for water quality.
  • Air Hub – Use grid power and your internet connection to collect data on indoor air.
  • Air Hub Solar – Offers remote data and DC microgrid solar power for outdoor air quality

Delivery and Installation
First, a field scientist will perform a site assessment to determine the preferred location of the Datahub and answer any questions you might have. Next, two technicians will deliver and install the equipment. After the initial setup, we anticipate that minor adjustments will need to be made until all settings are properly configured. We will coordinate with you to ensure minimal disruptions.The Datahub is compact at less than two square feet and powered by solar to allow for installation almost anywhere. Access water quality data in real-time and track historical performance.

Instant Access
The Datahub collects approximately 3.8 million tests per month. Your data is hosted online and accessible by computer or mobile phone through our online toolkit. Updated automatically, the data is presented in a format that is simple to understand. Your site can be featured on our public platform or secured with password protection. Automatic alerts can help you spot problems before the situation gets worse.

Backed by Science
The Datahub is supported by a team of environmental scientists and engineers who help your team understand the results. Our expert team will generate reports on your data and help identify trends. We provide continuous support to reduce uncertainty and provide solutions to your environmental challenges.

Contact us at to learn more and schedule your assessment today.