It is well known that, at DECO, we like to talk about all things bicycle. Our last post about biking (No Motor Vehicles) was posted way back in the beginning of June so we decided it would be alright to bring up the topic again, especially seeing all that is happening in the city. In our previous bike post, we talked about the build out of protected bike lanes through the city. Earlier this year, we visited Sao Paulo to experience Brazil’s version of protected bike lanes in the center of their biggest city (pictured below).


The City of Pittsburgh has worked very diligently to roll out the new protected bike lanes ahead of the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place Conference, which starts September 8th. The conference was “founded on the belief that greater access to walking and bicycling will create healthier individuals, cohesive neighborhoods, and vibrant communities.” We couldn’t agree more. Speaking of vibrant communities, Bike Pgh! just wrapped up with the vibrant community event that was BikeFest 2014.

Among the events during BikeFest that we participated in, GTECH’s Lots of Green ride is always one of our favorites. The Hardware Store‘s fearless leader Josh joined us this year (riding the DECO Office Bike) for the 25 mile ride that visits new projects across the city on what had previously been vacant lot . The photo below shows the protected lane in Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood.


Exploring the city by bike is a lot of fun with GTECH!

Our goal at DECO is to help small businesses find the right path in managing transportation-related topics

 Shifting Topics

To follow up the Pro Walk Pro Bike, The League of American Bicyclists Women Bike Program and Equity Initiative will host Future Bike: At the intersection of mobility and identity on September 11th from 1 – 7 pm. The primary topic at this conference will be “building a cultural consensus around bicycling” to ensure that the conversation is populated by a diverse representative group. It is important to recognize the various groups affected by and affecting the bicycle community and its infrastructure.

Our goal at DECO is to help small businesses find the right path in managing transportation-related topics. Bicycles are usually seen as a topic of transportation, but we also want to highlight the community that powers the movement. Programs, like our Commuter Science workshop help people explore and adopt healthful, economical, and sustainable transportation options within the community. As the saying goes: No bicyclist is an island. Right?

Now that we have you pumped up about biking, we wanted to share a great opportunity from netgreen member Thick Bikes. The Southside-based bike shop is having an epic sale and now is the time to pick up a sweet ride. If you already have a nice bike, we highly recommend having Thick give you a tune-up before the cold weather rolls around.