You should drive like an adult and donate to the Bike Pgh! Drive With Care Campaign.

DECO Resources has made bicycle commuting and accessibility to biking a priority for our employees. We like to recognize the amazing work that Bike Pgh! has accomplished in the Pgh region towards advocacy and awareness. Pittsburgh is certainly growing its commitment to biking. Already, the Business Times reports that “Pittsburgh has 70 miles of on-street bicycle infrastructure along with 20 miles of riverfront trails, and 7,000 bicycle parking spaces, according to the mayor’s office.” However, there is still a lot of work yet to be done. For example, a Post Gazette article announced that “Pittsburgh plans to install five miles of the protected bike lanes over the next two years.”


While protected bike lanes provide safe, dedicated paths for all types of bicyclists to use comfortably, they cannot substitute for driver awareness. A key part of  the mission at Bike Pgh! is to teach bicyclists and motor-vehicles how to coexist on the rest of Pittsburgh’s unprotected, shared roads. To this end, the Drive With Care campaign is designed to remind drivers specifically of the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle in excess of several thousand pounds. This is not to say that bicyclists are absolved of any accountability. We encourage and expect bikers and pedestrians to follow all laws and be as courteous as possible. However, we perceive the duty of drivers to realize the level of damage they can cause by driving inattentively and aggressively. In the words of Bike Pgh! “Drive Like an Adult.”

We stand behind the Drive With Care Campaign and we encourage you to make a donation to support the cause.

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