DECO is sustainability for – Design – Engineering – Construction – Operations.

Our team works with businesses, property managers, community organizations, and educational institutions to facilitate green practices. We demonstrate success with systems like composting, stormwater reuse, and solar energy that employ best practices. Systems that save money and help the environment can also improve the health of our communities. 

Resources for a sustainable world

Founded in 2013, the DECO team works on projects across the Pittsburgh region. We maintain proficiency in traditional environmental consulting, from site assessments to real-time testing of air, soil, and water. Our design team consistently works to integrate new technology into our projects, including solar energy, water management systems, and urban agriculture.


Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a leader in green technology and is building a sustainable economy. Yet, challenges still exist for many residents and small business owners. Our services introduce proven sustainable practices and new technology to your project. DECO provides all the resources necessary to support sustainable best practices for your home, office, or site.