Soil Health

We are dirt nerds. Digging into the science that drives agriculture, we improve the health and quality of your soil. Contact us to set up a soil test today. Our soil amendments are hand crafted in small-scale batches to fit your needs. Selections rotate based on availability. 

Dirt Nerd Compost

Composition: 100% double-screened compost
5-gallon bag – $12 / 10-gallon bushel – $18

Raw compost to keep your plants happy. Made from food scraps collected in Pittsburgh by the amazing Worm Return team. This is the pure stuff. 

Dirt Nap

Composition: 50% compost 50% topsoil
5 gallon bag – $10 / 10-gallon bushel – $15

Don’t sleep on this deal! Dirt Nap is half compost, half topsoil, and entirely amazing. Use this blend as a mulch in your garden bed or when transplanting seedlings.

Pittsburgh Moss

Composition: 66% compost 33% PittMoss Prime 1% love
5 gallon bag – $12 / 10-gallon bushel – $18

Perfect for potted plants or starting seeds. This blend uses a recycled alternative to peat moss made by Pittsburgh-based PittMoss. With notes of rich humus and a smooth velvety finish, your seeds will love this blend. Nutrient dense and completely made from food scraps and waste paper, buying a bag will reduce your carbon footprint.

Living Soil

Coming Soon!