Pittsburgh is well becoming known for its green community. A variety of non-profit organizations are contributing to Pittsburgh’s success.

The Pittsburgh 2030 District, formed by the Green Building Alliance, aims to reduce air pollution, reduce water and energy consumption, and increase alternative transportation 50 percent by the year 2030. DECO Resources is dedicated to these goals and offers a variety of solutions to help local businesses achieve them. 

Pittsburgh 2030 District

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DECO Resources is working to make the Pittsburgh 2030 District a priority. We are working with the Green Building Alliance to achieve the goals stated in the program. Follow the link to learn more about the Pittsburgh 2030 District. To become involved or to get help in addressing the challenge, contact us at

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DECO Resources LLC is a proud supporter of the 2030 Challenge.

Green Workplace Challenge

Sustainable Pittsburgh‘s Green Workplace Challenge is a friendly competition designed to engage businesses, non-profits, municipal, and educational institutions with sustainable operation. DECO Resources is participating as an observing organization in the second year of the challenge. The purpose is to track progress and receive recognition for successfully operating a greener business.


We encourage any organization to join the challenge and are happy to share our experiences.