Our Team

DECO provides opportunities for talented people to work on innovative projects that demonstrate sustainability. Scientists, artists, engineers, makers, and other professionals can partner with our team to develop and implement new technology while solving problems for residents, businesses,and organizations across the Pittsburgh region. Our partners include a diverse team of experts with broad reaching skills.

Anthony Stewart


President & Environmental Director 

Anthony is an environmental scientist who works to ensure that people have access to a healthy urban environment. With a decade of full-time experience in the environmental industry, he has served on a variety of projects performing Site Assessments, identifying environmental hazards, contamination, and evaluating recognized environmental conditions. He studied visual arts and printmaking at the Federal University of Mato Grasso do Sul in Campo Grande, Brazil through the Rotary Exchange Program in 2005. Anthony was later selected to study through an international program of Macquarie University, participating in field research on Sustainable Development across nine countries and five continents. Anthony completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 2011.

Since graduating, Anthony has worked in the environmental field, specializing in environmental consulting and renewable energy. In 2013, he founded DECO Resources, LLC, (Design – Engineering – Construction – Operations) to lead a team in providing resources for sustainability and green design. At DECO, Anthony has managed environmental assessment, designed and implemented sustainable technology, and worked to support his community. He has served two terms as an elected officer for the Solar Unified Network of Western PA, is a technical advisor to InvolveMINT, and serves on the board of Sankofa Village Community Gardens.

email: astewart@deco-resources.com


Justin Goetz

Systems Engineer

Justin has been working with computers since a young age and specializes in Linux systems administration, networking, embedded device development, and wireless infrastructure design. Justin’s goals are to make technology work in ways that assist sustainable projects by adding layers of automation, data collection, and user interaction. “Datahubs are like onions, they have layers.”

email: justing@justingoetz.net


Derek Jones

Landscape Design Consultant

Derek Jones provides Sustainability and Landscape Design consultation with Deco Resources and through GYRE, LLC.  He finds inspiration in the strengths of nature, people, and communities and the usefulness of various applications of technology and process. Leveraging the latter for the former is his general interest. Skills include GIS Mapping, CAD Drafting, Digital and Physical Modeling. He also assists in installation and maintenance of various projects including works on vacant lot reclamation and urban gardening.
email: derek.brian.jones@gmail.com


Louis Mennel

Sustainable Development Project Manager

After graduating from Emory University, Louis began his career promoting clean energy with SolarCity. As a regional manager he opened the Pittsburgh market, leading a team that increased the number of solar installations in the Steel City by 10 fold. After SolarCity, Louis pursued a more entrepreneurial career. He joined Venture for America, a competitive fellowship that helps young adults become start-up leaders and accepted a position at Honeycomb Credit, a fintech startup based in Pittsburgh. In his role as City Manager, he helped to expand Honeycomb’s footprint in the Detroit market, fostering partnerships with different community stakeholders. He is excited to put his strengths as a creative problem solver, people leader, and sustainability activist to work at Deco Resources.

email: lmennel@deco-resources.com