About DECO

DECO is Design Engineering Construction Operations.

Our mission is to integrate sustainability into a project or organization from the original design through full implementation. We help guide eco-conscious choices through engineering and construction. We facilitate green practices in the commercial setting and improve metrics in energy, water, transportation, and air quality.

As numerous impediments can obstruct the adoption of green, environmentally sustainable practices in the daily operations of a  business, DECO is researching methods for engaging companies in the Pittsburgh region.

Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is becoming known as the leader in environmental leadership and is perusing a sustainable economy. Programs like the Green Building Alliance’s 2030 District and Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challengeare helping to propel our good-looking city into a green future. Yet, challenges still exist for many residents and small business owners. Our mission is to manage the implementation of proven sustainable practices and new technology. DECO provides all the resources necessary to make a greener transition as smooth as possible.

Recent Projects