Green Design for the Built Environment.

DECO unifies Design – Engineering – Construction – Operations with sustainability and green tech to improve environmental health for our community.

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Our Services

Environmental Consulting

Our field team provides consultation and support for your project with more than a decade of experience in environmental sampling and site assessment.

Stormwater Management

Our team has installed stormwater systems at more than 60 sites across Allegheny County, capturing 100,000 gallons of stormwater each year. Save water to restore our rivers!

Green Design

Our infrastructure design environmental assessment will help you improve air, water, and soil with data and sustainable practices. We can support design in green infrastructure, urban agriculture, and renewable energy.

Some of our Recent Projects

Blending Soil with Sustainability

We planted kale and Swiss chard in our compost!  If you haven't already noticed, our team geeks out over soil. You might even call us dirt nerds. From agricultural productivity to public health, the stuff under our feet is critical to our survival on Earth, even...

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Beltzhoover Compost Hub

The Lots of Pride garden in Beltzhoover serves as our research garden for urban ag and green technology. Operated by the South Hilltop Men's Group, this garden has served as our testing and research site for soil remediation thanks, in part, to a grant from the...

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Rainiest Season on Record

While many people were counting down to midnight on December 31st, many scientists were closely watching a different countdown: the year-to-date precipitation data for Pittsburgh. Finally, at 4:55 pm, 2018 officially became the wettest year on record for the City. You...

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Cool Green Art

Join us to celebrate five years in business on August 1st 2018 at 6pm at the Black Forge Coffee House (1206 Arlington Ave) for the opening of the Cool Green Art Show. This event features sustainable art, music, and the launch of the Hilltop Gardener's Report. The...

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Explore Green Tech with DECO

DECO Resources moved to Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood in early 2014 to join Work Hard Pittsburgh, a newly-opened business incubator. There, founder Anthony Stewart met, among other entrepreneurs, the team of Meta Mesh Wireless Communities. Meta Mesh was working...

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Lots of Pride Garden

Through collaboration with the South Hilltop Men's Group , the City of Pittsburgh, and the Allegheny County Conservation District, four vacant City-owned lots in Pittsburgh's Beltzhoover neighborhood have been designated for the creation of the Lots of Pride Garden....

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